Circuit Breaker Upgrades & Installations Omaha Nebraska

Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Replacements
Your “breaker panel” is made up of individual “circuit breakers” that handle the electrical load for each individual circuit.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades & Installations

Circuit breakers are contained within your electrical panel and their job is to protect the electrical circuits in your home or building by stopping the flow of electricity in the event of an overload, short-circuit, or other electrical fault.  When you “trip” the breaker this refers to the action of your circuit breaker doing the job it was intended to do.  If you’re constantly tripping breakers then it might be time for an electrical inspection so the reason can be determined and the circuit breakers either replaced or upgraded to better handle the electrical load being placed on them.

Precise Electric Service LLC is a licensed, professional electrical contractor serving the Omaha Metro, area.  We specialize in the installation, replacement, and upgrading of faulty circuit breakers in homes and buildings.  From replacing a breaker that is constantly tripping to upgrading circuit breakers to better handle electricity loads Precise Electric Service LLC can help.

Under normal use circuit breakers generally last a long time so before you replace a breaker there are often other items that should be checked or inspected first.

Circuit Breaker Services We Offer

  • Circuit breaker troubleshooting
  • Faulty circuit breaker replacement
  • Circuit breaker upgrades

Symptoms Of A Faulty Breaker

There are a number of signs that you have a faulty circuit breaker in your panel.  If the breaker trips very easily or doesn’t trip at all when it should then you might have a faulty breaker.  If the breaker is stuck and cannot be reset or is hot to the touch, or looks or smells burnt then you may also have a faulty breaker that needs to be replaced.  If you feel the circuit breaker is constantly tripping or causing you issues for another reason such as a wiring problem then it’s time to call a professional electrician.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

It’s very common for homeowners to want to upgrade their circuit breakers from their regular 15 amps to higher amperage to run specific appliances or equipment.  It’s important you have a professional electrician come and inspect your panel and the wires that are running on the particular circuit you’d like to upgrade because it’s not always possible (nor is it safe!).

Why Choose Precise Electric Service for Your Circuit Breaker Installations?

When you choose to work with Precise Electrical Service LLC for your circuit breaker replacements or upgrades you’re partnering with a small, local, company with over 16 years of experience in the electrical trades.  We are licensed by the state of Nebraska and insured to work in your home or building.

As an owner operated company you can have the peace-of-mind knowing that any electrical work we complete will meet or exceed state and national electrical codes.  The work we do will be safe and reliable and we also back all of our work with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.  We also offer a minimum 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to install or a replace your faulty circuit breaker give us a call at 402-431-3025 or fill out our online contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.

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