7 Affordable Electrical Upgrades For Any Omaha Home

Affordable Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

Simple, Affordable Electrical Upgrades That Make Life Safer and More Convenient

Electrical upgrades don’t seem like the most glamorous way to upgrade your home but they are actually a wise investment.  They can make your home safer, they can help improvement convenience and comfort and they can also help to reduce your energy consumption.  In this article we’ll discuss 7 affordable electrical upgrades that are worth considering if you’re looking to invest a little bit of money into your home.

#1.   Electrical Outlets With USB Ports

Have you ever spent time searching for a charger for your smart phone or other mobile device?  It’s a royal pain.  Now there are electrical outlets available with USB charging ports built right in for convenience.  Consider installing them in your kitchen or your bedroom which are the two most common places that people charge their devices.  A very simple job for any qualified electrician and the convenience factor is huge!

#2.  Wireless Thermostats

Do you still have wall mounted thermostats that must be controlled by hand?  With wireless devices taking center stage it should be no surprise that wireless thermostats are now very popular upgrades.  With wireless thermostats you can control the heat in any room in your home remotely, the temperature, the time, and scheduling can all be adjusted through your smart phone or tablet for the ultimate in convenience.

#3.  Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

With the popularity of electric cars, adding a convenient and appropriately powered charging station into the garage is becoming a popular upgrade.  With a dedicated charging station for your vehicle you can experience fast charging capabilities without blowing breakers.  Charging stations can be conveniently located inside your garage and wired into their own separate circuit for safe, reliable charging for your electric vehicle. 

#4.  Add Additional Outlets

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of not having enough outlets in your home or a particular room?  Maybe you’ve got outlets but due to the layout of your furniture or other items you’d like the outlets in a more convenient place?  Adding additional electrical outlets isn’t a very big project and these simple additions can make accessing outlets much more convenient.

What Would You Add Electrical Outlets For?

  • New appliances
  • Entertainment systems
  • Stationary shop machinery (drill presses, saws, welding machines etc..)
  • Hot tubs or spas
  • Holiday lighting
  • And more…

#5.  Install GFCI Outlets

GFCI or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” are outlets specifically designed to be used in areas of the home (or outside) where water and moisture might be present such as near your bathroom sink or a kitchen sink, laundry room, or an outdoor receptacle.  GFCI outlets prevent people from getting an electrical shock.  Unlike a normal circuit on a breaker, with a GFCI outlet the breaker or fuse is contained within the outlet itself.  A GFCI outlet can actually monitor the amount of current flowing from hot to neutral. If there is an imbalance the circuit will trip.

If you have an older home GFCI outlets might not have been used in it’s construction and they make an excellent safety upgrade.

#6. Upgrading Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel can only handle so many circuits.  In most modern homes the electrical panel has circuits left over in case the homeowner ever wishes to add additional electrical circuits in the home.  If you have an older home and the electrical panel is full or a sub-panel that is full, upgrading your electrical panel can not only increase safety but it will make it much easier to expand the electrical circuits in your home.  This isn’t a difficult task for a qualified electrician but it’s a very dangerous project for a DIY homeowner.

If you want or need to upgrade an electrical panel in your home or building it’s an electrical project for a professional only.

#7.  LED Lighting

Are the lights too dim or just poorly placed in your kitchen or your bathroom?  Poor lighting in these spaces can make them difficult and not enjoyable to work or spend time in.  LED lighting is an excellent upgrade for any room in the home.  Under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, mood fixtures, and more can be installed as simple projects.  The LED lighting has a far greater lifespan than conventional compact fluorescent bulbs and they also operate using a fraction of the electricity.

Precise Electric Service LLC is a licensed and insured electrician serving the Omaha Nebraska area.  We specialize in safely and professionally upgrading electrical systems in both homes and businesses.  Whether you want a new electric vehicle charging station in your garage, a new outlet for an appliance, increased safety with GFCI outlets, or increased comfort and convenience with wireless thermostats or smart lighting we can help you come up with meaningful electrical upgrades to fit with your lifestyle and your budget.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to improve or upgrade the electrical system in your home or building please give us a call 402-431-3025 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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